Luigi & Iango


Luigi & Iango (Luigi Murenu and Iango Henzi) are an Italo-Swiss fashion photography duo. Since starting to work together they have photographed more than 300 covers for various international editions of Vogue magazine, and other leading magazines such as I-d, W, Vanity Fair, Chaos and Dust. Luigi and Iango’s work has been presented in various art publications, exhibition catalogues and exhibitions in Fine Arts museums around the world, most notably at the Brooklyn Museum, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Kunsthal Rotterdam, the Hypo-Kunsthalle in Munich, the Musée des arts décoratifs in Paris and at the France Pavilion for the Universal Exhibition 2020 in Dubai, among others. They have worked with AMFAR and various charity organizations since 2018 and helped to raise more than one million dollars auctioning their Art prints.

Often playing with the codes of popular culture, those of masculinity, feminity and genders, they transgress the rules of photography in their work, offering a new perspective and an open vision of society. The strength of characters is also at the center of their work: Kate Moss or Yoshito Ohno, Cate Blanchett or Mikhail Baryshnikov, photography is a means to fulfill the need to discover the soul of personalities as numerous as they are diverse, and offers different possibilities in this regard. In recent years, they explored an array of subjects, from nudes, to Japanese sumo wrestlers and geishas, pop legends, performing artists and dancers, creating portraits and instant classic images for magazines and advertising. “Entering Luigi & Iango’s working and living space is to enter an entirely different world, where everything is possible and unexpected things happen. It’s a world of creativity without limits. » explained contemporary artist Marina Abramović.

The spirit of Luigi & Iango’s work does not stem from one director, performer, or artist, the two photographers are in search of something deeper than beauty: their own truth and the need to stay authentic, but also sometimes to create interactions between their subjects. What many will separate and consider either commercial, or creative personal work, the latest is right for all the images Luigi & Iango create. They do not compromise when it comes to looking for the soul of their subjects through a poetic approach in portraiture. Madonna wrote about their work that: “Through their lens we are transported into a world where boundaries are pushed and preconceived notions are challenged. Being photographed by Luigi and Iango is like being cast in one of my favorite Italian movies. Visconti, Fellini, or Pasolini. Take your pick. I am always transported to a world where nothing makes logical sense and everything looks beautiful.”

Palazzo Reale, Milan presented their first solo exhibition “Unveiled” from September 21 until November 26, 2023, showing more than 100 fine art prints, some unpublished, archives, behind the scenes material and videos and a 300 pages book published by Phaidon and edited by curator Thierry-Maxime Loriot.

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Thierry Mugler Couturissime



Palazzo Reale MILANO

September 21, 2023 - November 26, 2023


The first monograph on the celebrated photographic duo Luigi & Iango, accompanying a major exhibition of their work

While many photographers seek to capture the aesthetics of a moment, Luigi Murenu and Iango Henzi aspire to transcend a single genre, capturing a timeless quest for pluralistic beauty and artistic expression. One of the most creative imagemakers working in the industry today, Luigi & Iango share their stunning portfolio of work – from icons of contemporary culture and supermodels to Japanese Kabuki and portraits of artists and performers – in their first ever monograph. Luigi Murenu and Iango Henzi (known as Luigi & Iango) are a Swiss-Italian photography duo. Since starting to work together in 2013, they have photographed stories and series for the world’s leading magazines, captured iconic celebrities such as Madonna, Gisele Bündchen, Rihanna, Penélope Cruz, and Cate Blanchett among others.

Edited by Thierry-Maxime Loriot, with a foreword by Madonna.

Double Vision

Unveiled with a new artwork created in collaboration with painter ROCCO RITCHIE.